The Open Cannabis campaign makes sense of medical cannabis

Open Cannabis, a public education campaign, has been launched in the UK.

Founded and backed by Grow Pharma, Open Cannabis is a multi-media, multi-stakeholder public education campaign.

Through Open Cannabis, Grow Pharma seeks to educate UK-based patients about access to medical cannabis. They also hope to improve patients’ access to medical cannabis.

Grow Pharma is a key distributor and importer of medical cannabis in the UK. According to its CEO, Pierre van Weperen, Grow Pharma is doing all it can to increase access to medical cannabis.

“If we want to see real change that will directly benefit the wider public and potential patients, we need to address the lack of accurate information clarify misconceptions, and we need to put patients before competition,” said van Weperen.

Studies show that despite medical cannabis having been legal since 2018, prescription numbers remain low. This is not due to a lack of interest in patients, but a lack of understanding of patient eligibility and process. Thus, the Open Cannabis campaign was born.

What will the Open Cannabis campaign do?
“We have found that people who may benefit from cannabis medicines are willing to try it but don’t know how to start the prescription process,” said Ben Langley, the CEO of Grow, Grow Pharma’s parent company.

This is what the Open Cannabis campaign hopes to change. The Open Cannabis campaign will serve to fill the information gap that exists, regarding medical cannabis. It is backed by industry experts, leaders, and medical professionals.

The Open Cannabis campaign hopes to start conversations about the accessibility of medical cannabis in the UK. Through the Open Cannabis campaign website, patients can access a list of resources.

A practical resource, along with more information, can be found on the Open Cannabis website.

Source: TheExtract

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