London medical cannabis company fulfill their first UK prescription

Medical cannabis trailblazers Cannaray have just fulfilled their first UK prescription.

The company partnered up with Canadian cannabis company Aphria Inc, to treat Jorja Emerson, a three-year-old girl suffering from a severe form of epilepsy.

According to Cannaray, this partnership was formed due to Aphria’s reputation for high-quality treatments hard to find elsewhere.

“Aphria has novel cannabis formulations and delivery systems that are to European medical standards, which are currently not available from other sources for UK patients,” said the company.

The prescription was made possible thanks to Series A funding awarded to Cannaray last year worth £7.8 million. The London-based company hopes to become the European leaders of the medical cannabis and CBD industry.

However, this milestone is more than just a business deal for the company, as Jorja’s father Robin Emerson has also been appointed as Cannaray’s Director of Patient Support.

“I am delighted to join the Cannaray team in being able to bring real-world knowledge for the company to understand the patient needs and requirements,” said Emerson.

“We are pleased to assist Robin in accessing treatment for his daughter and we will continue to drive for broader and continuous cannabis access for patients,” said Cannaray CEO, Scott Maguire.

“Working with the medical community to provide specialist support and access to cannabis-based drugs for patients in dire need of this treatment is fundamental to our strategy.”

Source: Dailymail

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