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Cannabis Oil: A Reporter’s Journey to Improve Sleep

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This article is about the experience of Lisa Armstrong, head of fashion of the telegraph news, a new user trying CBD oil for the first time.

A yoga teacher suggested her to try The Tonic by The Tonic Tribe (ranging from £5 to about £125). The name brought up some doubt, but she was still interested even after I she discovered it contained CBD (a compound derived from the cannabis plant, with no side effects).

CBD has been widely used and written about for its anti-inflammatory effect on joints. Furthermore, Charlotte Caldwell was fully in the news this summer, since she had brought cannabis oil from Canada to treat her epileptic 13-year- old son Billy. Eventually confiscated by police at Heathrow. Lisa herself discovered by surprise that the CBD oil was not only used for epilepsy but used for sleep and – as more studies are showing – the skin.

Her daughters started to say, ‘Mum’s become a stoner.’ She hasn’t, but she is rather partial to CBD oil. The CBD oil is usually available in multiple strengths, for start, she opted for an average concentration and the first couple of times after administration, no sense of a stoned feeling was present, but some slight hit was notable.

Under British law, purveyors of CBD cannot make any health claims for their products and generally sell it as a food supplement. Suffice to say, The brand she used definitely took the edge off some of life’s more vexatious moments.

The best part of using the oil was a really good sleep. Although not a full nine hours every night, still a good seven hours of sleep, more or less undisturbed, which left herfeeling refreshed and, here’s the novel thing, calm.

After discovering CBD oil, she was introduced to a version in capsule form (about £40), which uses a specific CBD blend found to be beneficial to mood. It is also blended with coconut oil, which helps absorption. Coincidentally, they call it The Tonic, too.

‘When ingested, CBD binds to cell receptors that affect sleep, appetite, pain, inflammation and mood regulation,’ explains Angelina Nizzardi, founder of one of these brands and takes it three times a day herself. As for its effects on the skin: ‘CBD works by regulating the skin’s oil production,’ she says.


Research from The Journal of Clinical Investigation (2014) found CBD normalises excessive and abnormal lipid production, decreases the proliferation of sebaceous glands, and exerts anti -inflammatory actions that can help reduce the symptoms of eczema. This seems a powerful force. Her final note: “if it turns out to be a placebo I’ll take it”.


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