Get cooked with cannabis

Move over Julia Child, there’s a new cooking trend in town.

“Cooked With Cannabis” over on Netflix is the show you should be checking out if you enjoy alternative recipes mixed with a good laugh.

It’s a regular cooking show with the difference that, as the name suggests, all the dishes are cooked with cannabis.

It’s an entirely different dynamic to the cooking show format. Normally, you’d expect cooking in front of potentially hundreds of thousands of viewers at home, as well as celebrity chefs, would be daunting, paralysing.

But on Cooked with Cannabis everyone is, unsurprisingly, pretty laid back.

The prize of the show is a cool $10,000 and it even features some great guest appearances (“best buds” as they’re referred to on the show.) Ricki Lake, Elle King, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Joy Koy are just some of the names that appear.

In these stressful times, it’s just nice to watch a show where all the contestants are high and gorge themselves on food that only makes them more high.

Cooked With Cannabis also makes valuable efforts at educating their audience. You can learn about different strains and flavour profiles. So it’s nice to feel like you’re not (entirely) wasting your time laid on the couch watching Netflix from one end of the day to the other.

Cooked With Cannabis provides laughs, educational content, and entertainment which these days is all you can really ask for.

Watch Cooked With Cannabis over on Netflix now.

Source: TheExtract

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