Long lines for cannabis at Amsterdam coffee shops

Due to the closure of the catering industry – including the coffee shops – from 6 pm on Sunday, weed smokers had only 45 minutes to stock up until at least 6 April. In no time this led to enormous crowds and long queues at the coffee shops. After hoarding toilet paper, pasta and pot vegetables, the Netherlands is now massively stocking up on weed and hash. The enormous crowds were not to be missed.

The far-reaching measures announced on Sunday now affect all facets of society. The schools are closed, as well as the childcare. Gyms are no longer open and cafes, restaurants and coffee shops must also close until at least 6 April.

It remains to be seen whether all blowers can stock up until then. It is not permitted by law to purchase more than 5 grams of weed or hash. And per coffee shop, a maximum of 500 grams can be in stock at the same time.

Coffeeshop Loft in de van Galenbuurt.
Coffeeshop Club Media in de Oude Pijp.
Coffeeshop Sensimillia in Osdorp.

Source: Ad.nl

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