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People are increasingly making their own (medicinal) cannabis oil with a Cannolator. It is ideal when you have specific desires with respect to the ingredients of your CBD or THC oil. Through the extraction tube of the Cannolator you extract the herbs from the alcohol. It’s an indispensable element. Only, what to do when this extraction tube gets broken? In case you drop it or when it has a crack? For such situations we offer a glass extraction tube from Medi-Wiet.

Strong glass extraction tube from Medi-Wiet

  • Heat resistant
  • Made of professional laboratory glass (borosilicate)
  • Impact-resistant glass tube
  • Always a (spare) extraction tube at home
  • Ideal when making pure THC or CBD oil
  • Can be used for Cannolators Cannabis Extractors Basic and Complete

Universal size

The extraction tube of the Medi-Wiet Foundation can be used for the Cannolators Cannabis Extractors Basic and Complete.

What is CBD?

CBD is obtained from legal fiber hemp; the same plant used for making cords, building materials and even clothing for many hundreds of years. Besides, hemp is a powerful plant to which supporting characteristics for body and mind are attributed. Cannabidiol, the complete name of CBD, is praised for its versatility and deserves a place of honor among the superfoods.

Just so you know, CBD induces no psychoactive effects. Therefore, you will not get high or stoned on CBD. Cannabidiol has only soothing and beneficial properties and CBD products from the Dutch-Headshop are completely legally available.

Package contents

  • Glass extraction tube (37cm)

Note: the extraction tube is only a part of a Cannolator. We assume you already have a Cannolator Basic or Complete at home.

About Non-profit organisation Medical Marijuana (Stichting Medi-Wiet)

Non-profit organization Medi-Wiet was founded in 2009 by Medical marijuana pioneer Wernard Bruining. Medi-Wiet is principally working on research of the possibilities of diluted medicinal cannabis oil. Wernard Bruining has discovered this method to medicinally use cannabis without getting high.

If you can take care of yourself, you will stay healthier longer and the need to rely on the increasingly expensive medical care is smaller. When people take care of themselves with a simple self-care product, they can apply the same principle to people that need care within their community.

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