Woman whose anxiety was so severe she vomited at work, had IBS flare-ups and relied on smoking cannabis to sleep claims drinking CBD-infused water ‘cured’ her condition

  • Victoria Stuart, 43, of Frome, Somerset, says anxiety came from stressful job 
  • Triggered IBS flare-ups, she developed psoriasis and couldn’t manage to sleep
  • Anxiety was so bad she used to forget the names of her close family and friends 
  • Drank one bottle of CBD water a day for two days and says it ‘felt like a fog lifted’ 

A woman who suffered from such severe anxiety she used to throw up at work claims drinking water infused with CBD has ‘cured’ her condition.

Victoria Stuart, 43, of Frome, Somerset, would lie awake at night gripped by bouts of worry while working in a ‘stressful’ job as a goods safety manager at a local firm.

She began suffering from agonising IBS flare-ups, developed psoriasis on her scalp and often vomited before and during management meetings at work.

In a state of desperation, she began smoking cannabis to help her get to sleep.

Victoria Stuart, 43, of Frome, Somerset, suffered from such severe anxiety she used to throw up at work and turned to drugs to help her sleep

Victoria, who lives with her partner Peter Walker, 47, a construction manager, and stepchildren Sally and Jake, also tried herbal remedies and was prescribed anti-depressants by the doctor – both of which failed to help.

But after enduring four years of hell, Victoria says she is now ‘cured’ and ‘happy’ after discovering a particular brand of CBD water.

She told FEMAIL: ‘I’d never suffered from any mental issues before, but about four years ago a stressful situation at work triggered extreme anxiety.

‘Even after the issue was dealt with, I just couldn’t seem to shake it. My IBS flared up and I developed psoriasis on my scalp, which I’d never suffered from before.

‘I also had a heightened sense of smell, which would make me feel sick, and was often physically sick before big meetings.

‘I even had to leave the meetings sometimes to be sick, and was often sick straight afterwards. But the worst thing was I just couldn’t sleep much.

‘I’d go to sleep fine at about 10 or 11pm but wake up at 2am with my mind racing.’

Victoria was struggling to function well on the little sleep she managed. She was working between eight and 12 hours a day, full time, and coming home to cook and keep a household running.

She said: ‘I tried everything to try to get more sleep. I tried to stop thinking about work, I tried herbal remedies to calm me down and reduce the anxiety, I was prescribed anti-depressants by the doctor, but they didn’t work. I even tried drinking alcohol in the evenings, but it wasn’t quality sleep.

‘I was desperate for an answer. I tried smoking cannabis, and it was the only thing which worked and meant I could have a whole night’s sleep.

‘I took it on and off for around six months, but it wasn’t sustainable. I tried a couple of CBD products too, but they had no effect.

‘Looking back, I realise it made me more short-tempered at home, which impacted badly on my family.

‘Work were really supportive and because I’d been there since I was a teenager, they got me a consultant, someone who could tail me and help if I found something difficult because of the brain fog I kept having.

‘Sometimes just putting a sentence together was difficult, and I even forgot names of close friends.’

Victoria’s cousin told her how she’d read about a new CBD water.

Victoria says: ‘I was ready to try anything that might help. A drank one bottle a day for a couple of days and it felt like a fog had lifted.

‘I’m doing the same job but I’m less stressed, but if there is stress at work, I find I can manage it without becoming anxious.

‘My IBS has gone, and I can actually enjoy a full-night’s sleep, which has had a huge impact. The psoriasis is still there but I’m hoping that will go soon too.

‘It’s incredible what a difference a bottle of water has made to my quality of life.’

It is said to induce a feeling of calm within minutes, which lasts for 12 hours, and provide increased energy and concentration for up to 24 hours.

Reported health benefits of CBD include helping to reduce anxiety, boosting the immune system and eliminating joint pain and inflammation.

CBD can be found in skincare products such as cleansers, moisturisers and creams as well as sunscreens, oils and serums.

Capsules, vape flavours, lozenges and even gummy chews are also now being sold in stores and online outlets around the UK.

Many people, including celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow, use CBD based products to complement their daily diet while others use the hemp compound to improve relaxation and sleep.

The global market now valued at tens of billions of pounds and Google searches for CBD now top more than 6.4 million every month.

Source: Dailymail

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