Study reveals how cannabis can help older generations

A new US study has revealed how cannabis can help older generations to both work longer and boost their overall well-being. The research conducted by Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine focused on cannabis use in older adults and revealed that – cannabis consumption rates in people aged 65 and over had the largest increase.

Overall findings

It was discovered that out of all the age groups consuming cannabis, usage increased the most amongst individuals aged 65 and above. Findings also saw that older consumers used cannabis as an alternative medicine at least one hundred days out of the whole year. Over 26% of cannabis users also reported consuming cannabis 1-4 times a week.

The main reasons for usage were stated to be to help treat pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and lack of appetite. According to the review, around 55% of the older generation have one or more medical conditions that could be relieved by the use of cannabis.

Cannabis use & working abilities

Changes in law for recreational and medical cannabis use in the US has meant that older generations are growing more interested in this type of alternative medicine. One study revealed that this has led to decreases in pain in addition to improved self-assessed health amongst this age group. It has also been reported that statewide medical cannabis laws lead to increases within the older adult labour supply, suggesting that older adults can work for longer periods of time and more efficiently.

It was also discovered that in states allowing medical cannabis, full-time employment increased by to up 5%. And, the same 2019 study has this to say about the relationship between medical cannabis laws and working abilities in the over 65 age group:

“If the implementation of a medical cannabis law, by promoting access to marijuana for medical use, reduces symptoms associated with work‐impeding health conditions, then medical cannabis laws could enhance labour supply among the fastest-growing segment of the population.”

Source: TheExtract.

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