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Spice Your Christmas Cookies This Season

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While sharing edibles around the yule log isn’t as popular as Christmas cookies, there are plenty of ways to spark up the holidays.

Cannabis devotees don’t usually need a reason to light up. But if they want one, the holiday season is as good as any. As one recent email from a pot delivery service said, “Holidays SUCK. We can help.”

Legalization has made cannabis a more visible presence at festive gatherings across the board – from marijuana weddings to pot-infused fine dining. And while sharing edibles around the fireplace may not be quite as popular (yet) as passing around the Christmas cookies, there are plenty of ways to enjoy getting responsibly baked this holiday season.

A slew of holiday-themed products has already made their way on to the market. This Christmas, those who desire can take advantage of cannabis wreaths, Christmas ornaments, a cannabis advent calendar with a new strain for each day, and a “Mistletoke” bouquet. One can also find numerous holiday-inspired edibles recipes, from THC-spiked cider to pumpkin spice pancakes with THC butter.

And it’s not all about Christmas: the California-based Lowell Herb Co sells a Hanukkah gift set with strains for each of the Jewish holiday’s eight nights.

Unlike so many other modern holiday traditions, cannabis was likely familiar in biblical times.

Jesus, with his long hair and good vibes, is frequently identified as 420-friendly. It’s been speculated that the oil he used to anoint the sick and perform miracles may have been cannabis oil. “Jesus was peaceful and loving. He went from house to house and was always accepted,” an amateur Bible scholar told the Los Angeles Times in 2016. “Only a stoner could do that.”

Both the Old and New Testaments are especially fertile places to search for allusions to weed, with all those people talking to God. Moses had his vision of the burning bush, and isn’t cannabis also just a burning bush? (Woah, dude.) So this holiday season, getting stoned might help you get in touch with your higher power.

Cannabis can also ease the emotional strain of visiting relatives or being alone or any of the other reasons someone might reasonably seek out a holiday pick-me-up.

Or it might help you just lie on the couch, enjoy some good food, and watch episodes of The Simpsons. Either way, I won’t judge.


Source: The Guardian

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