Perfect for high tea! £2.19 cannabis infused health drink is ‘flying off the shelves’ at QUEEN’S farm shop, insider claims

  • TRIP, a drink with 15mg of CBD in, is on sale at the Queen’s shop in Windsor 
  • Insider said the cannabis-infused drink is ‘flying off the shelves’ and has sold out
  • Windsor Farm Shop is on the edge of Windsor Great Park also sells goods from the Royal Estates

A cannabis-infused health drink is ‘flying off the shelves’ at the Queen’s farm shop in Windsor, an insider has claimed.

Trendy brand TRIP, which has 15mg of cannabinoid – known as CBD – in is on sale in  for £2.19, at the royal farm shop in Windsor 

The 21-calorie drinks come in peach and ginger flavour  as well as  elderflower and mint and is said to give ‘your mind clarity and your body balance’.

The farm on the edge of Windsor Great Park also sells goods from the Royal Estates and sold out of both flavours earlier this week.

Trendy brand TRIP (right), which has 15mg of cannabinoid – known as CBD – in is on sale in for £2.19, at the royal farm shop in Windsor

‘The drinks are quite quirky but very unusual for a farm shop — especially one run by The Queen,’ an insider told The Sun.

‘They are selling out quick. People pick up about seven or eight each time.

‘The shop started stocking a few months ago and they’ve been really popular,’ they added.

The farmshop is one of many upmarket sellers for Trip, who are registered in North London.

CBD range stocked in Selfridges, Planet Organic, Harvey Nichols, Daylesford Farm and Equinox studios among others. 

Among the benefits listed on their website, TRIP say their drinks can ‘give your mind clarity and your body balance.’ 

‘CBD can help you feel less stressed and anxious, more productive and creative,’ the website adds.

Also in the drink is lemon balm, ginseng and turmeric as well as an amino acid called L-theanine. 

In 2014, the Queen had another brush with drugs when TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh found a toadstool while on the tour of the grounds of Buckingham Palace for an ITV show.  

When asked ‘is it edible?’ ecology expert Professor Mick Crawley replied: ‘It’s eaten in some cultures for its hallucinogenic affects. But it also makes people who eat it very sick.

‘The old-fashioned thing to do was to feed it to the village idiot, then drink his urine because you get all of the high without any of the sickness.’ 

CBD is a huge health, food and beauty trend in the UK, with shelves filling up with the likes of CBD coffee, kombucha moisturiser and pain relief gel. It’s even available in the likes of gin, hummus and ice-cream. 

Founded by husband and wife duo, Daniel and Olivia Ferdi in 2019, TRIP is among the  first premium CBD drinks brands in the UK and was started after Dan sustained an injury that required knee surgery weeks before his wedding. 

He tried CBD oil for rehabilitation and found impressive results for reduced pain and inflammation as well as significant help with sleep. He had an incredible recovery and was dancing crutch-free within weeks. 

He dove into researching CBD, leaving his career in finance to create a convenient method to enjoy CBD – launching TRIP with his wife in 2019. 

Olivia, previously a Cambridge-educated solicitor in the City, began using CBD to help alleviate anxiety which would typically flare up at work or on her commute. 

On their unlikely success with royalty, Olivia Ferdi, Cambridge educated lawyer who left her career to launch TRIP, told FEMAIL: ‘We’re thrilled so many customers are finding much needed calm with TRIP, especially in these particularly tricky times. 

‘Lockdown has been very tough and it’s so important to unwind in stressful moments. We created this healthy range based on our own struggles with stress, championing quality CBD and botanicals’

Source: TheDailymail

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