MEP’s vote in favour of increasing THC levels

The EU Parliament yesterday agreed to endorse the increase of the levels of THC from 0.2% to 0.3% for industrial hemp. Likewise, they have also agreed to look at the possibilities to put in place formal standards for the industry. The CBD industry is ready to welcome these standards.

The vote represents a major achievement for the European hemp sector. Consequently, if confirmed by the Council, these two provisions would lead to the following opportunities –

  • Grow consumer demand
  • Allow producers to have a greater choice of crop
  • Have a positive impact on the development of European & UK hemp businesses.

Increase of plant varieties

The increase of THC levels will allow a greater variety of hemp strains to be grown across the EU. In short, growers can find a more suitable plant for the climate and soil conditions. Thus, an increase in productivity and choice.

On the one hand, the increase of THC level would allow new varieties to enter the market and be bred. Therefore, this would result in a better adaptation of the crops to the climatic conditions of the different EU territories.

Increase in consumer confidence

The level of accountability regarding standards within the industry, unfortunately, remains open to abuse. The Extract this week will publish the testing results over 60 CBD products. These results include the levels of THC and CBD which were found to vary widely from their packaging.

The introduction of enforceable standards for product characteristics, THC levels, labelling would mean the CBD companies in the UK and EU who adhere to the regulations will flourish. Therefore, consumer confidence in CBD products is bound to grow.

In the same way, as their trust increases in the potential benefits of CBD, trust will increase in the products displayed on the shelves.

”The vote of the Parliament reflects a renewed approach of our society to this wonderful plant that has the potential of decarbonising many different manufacturing sectors and provide farmers with a consistent and green source of revenues”.

Mr Daniel Kruse, EIHA President

Many believe the possibility to establish marketing standards would translate into a significant increase in quality and acceptance of hemp products. Therefore, a clear regulatory framework implemented fairly can only help the industry.

Marketing standards encompasses

  • Sales descriptions
  • Classification criteria
  • Presentation
  • Labelling
  • Packaging
  • Product characteristics,
  • Specific substances used
  • Farming methods, etc.

Generally, World THC levels already operate at above 0.2%. The US has a 0.3% in place for growing hemp whilst Switzerland THC must be below 1%.

Legal status in the UK

It is important to remember that the level of THC is for the growing hemp. Which may provide a greater variety in plants permitted to be grown.

The levels of THC in any cannabis-based product allowed in the UK remains at 1mg or below.

Source: TheExtract

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