Israel may decriminalise personal cannabis use

A bill to legalise cannabis use in Israel was approved by the Ministerial Committee for Legislation on Sunday.

This is a great victory in cannabis reform and the first hurdle on the way to officially becoming law.

Legal Possession up to 50g
On Wednesday, Knesset will decide on the bill in the first of three votes it has to clear before becoming law.

This new legislation will decriminalise possession of up to 50g of marijuana and fully legalise the possession and consumption of up to 15 grams by individuals above 21 years old.

Stop patients from becoming criminals
Writing in a Facebook post, Likud MK Sharren Haskel, who co-sponsored the legislation with Blue and White MK Ram Shefa, said. “For the first in the State of Israel’s history, my legislative move is officially beginning to regulate the cannabis market in Israel.

“I’m proud to bring good news to over one million cannabis users and tens of thousands of sick people.”

The Defense Minister and Blue & White party member, MK Benny Gantz also approved the bill.

“We intend to finally regulate the cannabis industry in Israel and prevent innocent patients [who use medical marijuana] and citizens from becoming criminals,” said MK Gantz.

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