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It’s a new version that’s fast and easy to cultivate and it provides almost all the original flavour properties of the original version.

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This type can be used for medicinal purposes to treat chronic pain and insomnia. The Royal Queen Diamond seeds were developed from a cross-breeding process between the original Royal Queen Diamond and the Ruderalis cannabis.

Harvesting features

The Royal Queen Diamond seeds are easy to harvest. Successful crops are easily accessible and easy to grow, due to the auto blooming features of the plant. The plant is suitable for both indoors as outdoors cultivation. In addition, the plant is quite resistant to humidity.  The blooming period is 7 to 8 weeks, whereas the harvest for outdoor-grown cannabis can be expected around October. It is a beautiful plant that is very susceptible to fungi. The leaves, dark green in color, tend to look purple as the plant gets older. Thick buds come with quite a lot of resin and lots of white crystals and give a sweet, luscious scent. The amount of harvest is described as average.

Effects and taste perceptions

This variant is highly appreciated. The weed is strong and has a unique and distinctive fragrance that has a combination of sweet and fruity characteristics. The taste experience can be quite long as it may rest upon the tongue for a while. It delivers a lot of pleasure and a relaxed high-feeling. This version also has a distinctive smell and its powerful blooming progress can be preserved for a long time.

Unique features

Royal Queen Diamond Auto cannabis seeds have some pretty special features:

  •  Feminized seeds.
  •  Suitable for damp locations.
  •  Very fast growth period.
  •  Provides a pleasant high.
  •  Suitable for medicinal use.
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor use


THC: 15%
CBD: Low
Yield when grown indoors: Medium
Yield when grown outdoors: Medium
Height when grown indoors: 50 – 60 cm
Height when grown outdoors: 60 -110 cm
Blooms: Autoflowering
Harvest: 9 weeks after germination
Genetic background: Northern Light X Ruderalis
Sativa – Indica: Ruderalis mix


Please Note: This content is for informational and educational use only. The seeds are strictly for souvenir purposes only (e.g. as a present) or for personal storage. We do not condone or encourage the germination of these cannabis seeds since it is often a criminal offence to germinate cannabis seeds in most countries. Please verify this for your own country before ordering.

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Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 5 cm

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3, 5, 10


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