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Suitable for indoors as well as outdoors, very easy to grow and therefore a popular seed for years, regardless of your cultivation experience. Produces more CBD than other autoflowering seeds.

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The Cheese auto-flowering variant has different characteristics in comparison to the traditional Cheese. The plant possesses more CBD, therefore this kind is also used for medicinal purposes. Some use it against pain, rheumatic complaints, MS and anxiety. Symptoms and pain can be significantly be reduced.


The Cheese auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds are the result of a cross between the very popular original Cheese cannabis and the automatically flowering plant Critical . The result is a plant that will bloom automatically with the positive characteristics of both types unified. Originally the Cheese breed is from England and is a cross between the species Skunk and Kush. The plant contains characteristics that can both be found in Sativa and Indica and Ruderalis species.

Harvesting features

Only the desired female plants will bloom. In order to grow the Cheese AUTO seeds, only 70 days are needed to let the plant grow into a beautiful plant with a large amount of sticky buds. The plant can reach heights between 60 centimeters and 135 centimeters in ideal conditions. A wonderful scent will be noticeable, which makes the association with the original Cheese even more evident.

Effects and taste perceptions

This effect is both medicinally as hypnotic in nature and it has features of the original Cheese weed. Which are best described as a deep and very aromatic flavour that causes a strong stoned effect. Due to its long-lasting effect, it’s very suitable for medicinal purposes because the positive effects will endure for a long time.



THC: 16%
CBD: Medium
Yield when grown indoors: Medium
Yield when grown outdoors: Medium
Height when grown indoors: 60 – 100 cm
Height when grown outdoors: 90 -120 cm
Blooms: Autoflowering
Harvest: 10 – 11 weeks after germination
Genetic background: Cheese X Ruderalis
Sativa – Indica: Ruderalis mix



Please Note: This content is for informational and educational use only. The seeds are strictly for souvenir purposes only (e.g. as a present) or for personal storage. We do not condone or encourage the germination of these cannabis seeds since it is often a criminal offence to germinate cannabis seeds in most countries. Please verify this for your own country before ordering.

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